WestCoast Membership Meetings Health & Attendance Guidelines

California State COVID-19 
WestCoast Church Membership Meetings and/or Praise & Worship Gatherings

We’re so excited that you are interested in attending our WestCoast Church Membership Meetings which are Powerful Praise & Worship experiences for our members and their family. The entire West Coast Church Family will worship together before we know it. Please understand, the Governor, the state, and the Department of Health have issued a booklet with guidelines to follow for those attending our WestCoast Church Membership Meetings. We currently can only accommodate 80 WestCoast Members at a time and have created groups of attendance. We understand the state's guidelines may feel strange, but we want to assure you they will only be temporary (until further notice). We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for helping us share the gospel with the world through the broadcasting of West Coast Church. 

Health and Safety Guidelines 

  • Everyone attending our membership meetings acknowledges that gathering in groups increases the risk of exposure to the flu, the common cold, COVID-19, and other illnesses. Those attending agree that they will not hold West Coast Church accountable for illness that possible could have happened because of a meeting. 
  • There are no PICTURES or VIDEO allowed to be taken or posted to SOCIAL MEDIA. 
  • If anyone in your family have been in contact with someone diagnosed with or recently tested for COVID-19, please call us 24 hours before our Sunday Membership Meeting so we can reschedule your meeting. 
  • If you have experienced the following systems in the last two weeks we encourage you to stay home:
    • A temperature above 100 Degrees
    • Persistent Cough not due to seasonal allergies.
    • Diarrhea or Vomiting
    • Low Immune Systems or Diagnosed health problems that make you more prone to sickness.
  • Anyone that appears to have any of the symptoms will be asked to attend at a later date. 
  • Arrival on Sundays 9:30a-10:15a. Members arriving after 10:15a will not be able to attend. 
  • Only members, their spouse, and children under the age of 17 who reside 100% of the time in the household are welcomed to attend.
  • Please bring your own face mask and bottled water. 
  • West Coast Members and their families will be checked-in one at a time. Waiting groups, please line up on dots at the front of the building. 
  • You are encouraged to distance 6 feet between you and others not in your immediate group.  
  • You are encouraged to use hand sanitizers placed around the building. 
  • Please read all posted signs for guidelines that may have changed. 
  • Please understand your temperature will be taken at the entrance of the facility. 
  • Please understand welcome staff may ask you questions about where you work or people you may have come in physical contact with this week. 
  • Please keep your immediate group together in the group seating area. 
  • Please, one group in the restroom at a time. Minors must be accompanied by adults to the restroom. 
  • You are encouraged NOT to congregate, gather, or converse in groups with people not in your immediate group. 
  • You are encouraged to wear your mask when you enter the building, during worship service, prayer, and offering. You can remove your mask during the message. 
  • At the conclusion of our meeting you are encouraged to put a face mask on and exit to your vehicle. 
  • You understand that these meetings are solely for WestCoast Church Members and their families. We are not open to the public. To Clarify These membership meetings are not business meetings, but Powerful WestCoast Church Praise & Worship Experiences!

If you feel safe enough to attend please RSVP by texting to (209) 317-3446 the following:

  • Your Name

  • Spouse Name (if attending)

  • Children who will attend, are under the age of 17 and reside in your household.




Updated December 10, 2020